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I touched a cat today.

I’ve officially survived another Texan Winter Apocalypse. The last one brought cobble ice, this one brought rolling blackouts and a wesk long sleep for me. for the first time in my life I felt the cold my bones.it was a pretty lack luster apocalypse on my end. I was coming down last weekend when it started, so I just kind of slid into a sleep and woke up a couple days later in the midst of snow that hadn’t gone anywhere for a few days.

Today, in typical Texan fashion, temperatures were up in the high 70s and everything melted away and it felt like spring. I’m half assed quitting cigarettes and not very good on self control (obviously). Took the excuse to get out in the good weather to go get a pack. There is nothing like a fresh pack of PallMall menthol 100s.Smoking the first one of a break of about a week and a half, I was sitting at the picnic table underneath our building when a wish of mine was granted.

Ever since Fiona passed on a couple years ago, and the Huies gave up on me, I have been lacking in contact with a feline. A large part of my soul is aligned with cats. And there is a litter of kittens that has been growing up around my place for the past couple months. The urge to pet and touch one has been burning bright in my cosmos since I first saw them. Sitting outside, smoking my cig, a grey one walked up to me and rubbed against my leg.

My heart soared. It’s still soaring. I touched a cat.

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Genesis part 3

I’m walking to IHOP on University along Rosedale. It’s 7:50 in the morning and I’m going to do something productive with my day for the first time in about 7 months. I’ve been up all night trying to calm my nerves and get my mind under wraps. And honestly all I can think about right now is just how fucking goofy people’s faces look while they’re driving and looking into the Sun.

I’m still a little bit high so of course the slut comes out. With it being late July in Texas, the temperature is already up in the upper 80s this early in the morning and the humidity is sweltering. I’m sweating like a whore in church. I’ve already taken off my shirt and there I go walking half naked down the road. Got some good double takes and long stares from commuters as I pass by.

I am going to do something that I have not done in a very long time: that is devote my time and my energy to somebody else’s schedule and profit for pay. Two obvious outcomes here, either I make it through and adjust to being on a timeclock, or someone’s going to die today.

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