I touched a cat today.

I’ve officially survived another Texan Winter Apocalypse. The last one brought cobble ice, this one brought rolling blackouts and a wesk long sleep for me. for the first time in my life I felt the cold my bones.it was a pretty lack luster apocalypse on my end. I was coming down last weekend when it started, so I just kind of slid into a sleep and woke up a couple days later in the midst of snow that hadn’t gone anywhere for a few days.

Today, in typical Texan fashion, temperatures were up in the high 70s and everything melted away and it felt like spring. I’m half assed quitting cigarettes and not very good on self control (obviously). Took the excuse to get out in the good weather to go get a pack. There is nothing like a fresh pack of PallMall menthol 100s.Smoking the first one of a break of about a week and a half, I was sitting at the picnic table underneath our building when a wish of mine was granted.

Ever since Fiona passed on a couple years ago, and the Huies gave up on me, I have been lacking in contact with a feline. A large part of my soul is aligned with cats. And there is a litter of kittens that has been growing up around my place for the past couple months. The urge to pet and touch one has been burning bright in my cosmos since I first saw them. Sitting outside, smoking my cig, a grey one walked up to me and rubbed against my leg.

My heart soared. It’s still soaring. I touched a cat.

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I can’t feel my face when I’m with you.

Been cruising around Youtube again loooking for music to pick up and fuck in the back seat of my LittleBoyBlue speakers. And wouldn’t you know it, I ran into a group of songs that I heard on radios in people’s cars and on the shopping retail playlists I’d happen to notice at different stores or locations I worked at for a week or two during last year. I pretended to not be interested in them then, too mainstream and withit for what I would want to be caught listening to. If anyone would actually notice and care what musical vibrations I happen to be listening to at any particular point in time. And, almost like clockwork, those songs would be stuck in the back of my mind..

I can’t feel my face when I’m with you. But I like it.
One kiss is all it takes, falling in love with me. Possibilities.
You and I. We were born to die.
I make no promises. I can’t do golden rings. But I’ll give you everything. Tonight.

Self-imposed status label of tragically hip bordering on trying way too goddamn hard to have bleeding edge music cred. I resist and fight against liking anything currently playing within the current cultural groove.. And as a result I miss out on some truly great music. The Weeknd is someone I refused to give the time of day for way too goddamn long. I’ve missed out on this magical voice up till today. Dua Lipa is another I snubbed for far too long. Fucking beautiful Sam Smith… Beautiful queer crooner awkward dancing Sam Smith. And the majority of the songs that came ouut of the alleyways of YT and demanded my attention are produced by the ever precise Calvin Harris.

I am forever grateful that music continues to give me new and multivaried chances to re—examine my soul and help me feel human again. The golden shining higher being of this one is easily rendered foggy and out-of-focus these days when the last full night of sleep is a barely half-assed guesstimate for remembrance. Days easily blur into one another and the goal at hand has long since been replaced and updated and re-engineered. I’ve taken to scheduling apps to help aid in my reigning in and trying to focus my wide ranging attention span. daily meditations and some form of journaling. practicing mindfulness to the best of my ability. color therapy has proven to be beneficial from a lark into a daily practice. It all boils down to imagining and holding different colors in my mind’s eye for a period of time, one at a time and going in sequence. Swimming in blue and feeling it cover every part of my body is a wonderous mind-hallucination.

Onto today’s adventure stream.

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Every morning..

This is finally a glimpse of what I’ve been slowly building towards in my addled easily distractable manner, fudging about in termux, trying to get my laptop on a decent stable distro of linux, and searching high and low through the silver waves of ethernet for pieces of self-discolsure. i’m going to spend the next couple hours in Bitsy and try to tell a somewhat personal and yet interactive story. seem’s to be the most simple of plans, but it took me a fair minute to find an appropriate container to do this.

I ran across Bitsy about a month ago, and the ethos and vibe I got from it was that the developer wants it to be used to tell personal stories through interactive “gameplay.” sounds right up my alley. some of the best stories I have ever encountered have been through video games of various sorts. Usually in a genre or format that would not be a usual suspect for deep all-encompassing story immersion: see Risk of Rain and Nier: Automata.

Bitsy is simple and uncluttered on the first “boot” into the editor. You have a welcome blurb with links, your scene editor, sprite/block/item editor, color selection and a save component. Tools are readily available from a menu along the top and you’re left to your own devices to discover what the tool can do for you. I’ve spent a fair amount of time creating my first scene and setting up the dialog that plays to tell the story. As I explore more of the application, the more intricacies were revealed and it becomes more complex each time I click a new button.

I think I named my first game, “Every morning at 6:38…” I want to in a slightly overt fashion capture my state of mind that happens when I’ve been up all night by myself following rabbit holes and find that daybreak is upon me and a new day is beginning while the old day is still progressing. A singular feeling fills me up knowing that the real world is waking and the machinery of day-to-day starts itself up, while I continue to coexist with myself onboard the Starship Shelled. The idea of the game is a linear path that the player walks along and see’s various scenes of the “real world” while random musings of mine pop up at different squares they could walk over.

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building a CLI flow part 1

Building a cli program flow in order to archive a single webpage or article.

The problem to be solved:

I have a desire to be able to, through the command line, download a single webpage into a self-contained .html file with the option to convert it to (or save alongside) other formats such as PDF, EPUB, or even md if possible. There are two main use-cases I want to offer: 1) get the entire webpage, strip out the ads/useless shit, and save the new version locally & 2) for journal/website articles, blog entries, or tutorials: simply save the main content and discard every other element from the source.

The initial idea for solution:

A bash script that takes in a URL and, through menu redirection, outputs the desired file(s) into a standard directory.

Why not use currently available methods:

I’ve come across quite a few programs and scripts that seem like they would be perfect for what I want to do, but unfortunately I’m using termux on an Android and most of them do not work for one reason or the other in this enviromment.

CLIs that I have tried with no luck to get working on Termux:

The semi-focused detailing of my initial mind thoughts:

So, I feel like my grasp of scripting and pipelines is decent enough to cobble together a functioning bash script using programs and sources at my disposal that should take care of what I want to do. Namely, a locally saved, single file .html and have the option/ability to convert to PDF, md, or EPUB if desired. In my mind, there will be several working pieces of this script that could and should be broken down into smaller modules\functions .

I’m designing and planning on a menu-driven interface so creating menu-building and menu-displaying functions will be two individual tasks. Directory checking, creation, and manipulation should be another set of tasks. Error handling, logging and graceful failures are another set. And finally, the actual downloading and parsing into files will be a set of functions.

I’m aware that bash scripting might not be the optimal route to go with this idea, due to processing times, data handling and manipulation, and the fact that other languages come with the advantage of libraries and support modules that cover just about every detail and “feature” I could possibly come up against. However, it will serve as a basis for laying out the flow and main ideas of what I want my script to do as well as help prototype and get a working product to use as proof of concept.

From the get-go, there are several options that I can and will be utilizing to achieve my end-goal. I’m hoping that using and offering several options of methods will not over-complicate the road ahead. The ability to write code that can be easily extended and has the ability to easily have options added to it is something that I am working towards. The thought that I should focus on one (one method for obtaining the webpage, one method for processing the downloaded data, one method for saving, and one method for file conversion) is there, and it has validity. However, I am blockheaded when it comes to ambitions, and throwing caution to the wind is the name of the game right now.

Options in consideration for scraping/downloading/getting source:
  • wget
  • cURL
  • httpie
  • ferret
  • w3m

This is as far as I have gotten, planning and layout wise. The next part of this session of brain-vomitting will cover the logic trains, process flow, and possible ways of brainstorming the layout of the script.


  • research the methods of using ferret to scrape websites and obtain the contents.
  • look into flags and options of wget cURL httpie and w3m.
  • Sketch out the menus and brainstorm ways for it to work.
  • For processing… HTML2JSON? HTML2MD? HTML2?????
  • File conversion should be PANDOC, but of course, the perfect tool doesn’t work under termux.
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new skill acquired - bash-hacking

I finally understand a couple ubiquitous things in nerd culture, computer nerd culture in particular; their sharing and discussion of dotfiles and bash scripts has become a topic of great interest to me. Granted, my experience has been with a modified linux environment running on an Android app, but it still relies exclusively on operating via a command line. There are ways to run a x11 GUI, but everything starts and ends at the CLI.

The topic of cultivating, sharing, and storing for reuse of dotfiles had no weight of importance for me until semi-recently. I first started actively using and relying on Linux as my one and only OS in the winter of 2018. My boyfriend at the time was like me, a tweaker conspiracy nut, and had a serious “privacy in the digital age” fascination bordering on obsession. By this time, my PC had gone down, and Windows 10 on my laptop was only frustrating me. Jay helped me wipe my harddive and install Mint Linux on it. I used it lightly, meaning I didn’t delve too deeply into customizing or exploring options for it, and just stuck to the GUI and programs that came with one. Later on, for various reasons, I wanted to have a running Linux distro on my phone and tried various methods I came across online to get a working distro as a boot option for my old ZTE. Rooting didn’t work for me. In fact, I seemingly bricked my phone and created a panic like I’ve never given myself before. Once the phone was back to working order (bootloader locked), I came across an article detailing the virtues of running Termux as a linux environment inside Android. The only “downside” was it was command line driven.

I’ve always been nerdy and geeky, but my main interests have always been SciFi books and movies and music. I dabble in coding, have built my own PC multiple times, and know more about computers than the average monkey, but I would never claim to be fully knowledgeable in computer science and related fields. But I am geeky enough to know how to research (thanks B.A. in History!) things and I enjoy solving new puzzles and systems. So the command line presented a new problem to attack and solve. Termux came with bash as the default shell and minimal instructions on how to proceed from there. I dabbled in bash for a minute until my searches turned me onto ZSH. ZSH has some nice handy features, but they’re not enabled from the get-go and require some configuration and modification of it’s RC files. This in turn led me to searching through github and google for other people’s configurations and use of these files.

Then, the ultimate tragedy struck. I had to switch phones and couldn’t access my old dotfiles that were on my phone due to a cracked screen. I had to start over from square one. The importance of version control and backing up of my dotfiles finally struck home. Thankfully, I sorta remembered the sources I used prior to this, and got most of the functionality I was used to up and running.It also gave me the chance to stop using the OMZ framework and start using a little more DIY approach to managing my ZSH shell and the functions I use on the regular. I’ve learned and use the order that ZSH loads it’s files and have, to the best of my ability, kept things separate and where they need to be.

The other area of growth has been in shell scripts. One of the processes I found myself doing over and over again was copying the url to a file or site that I wished to download/mirror and going into Termux and pasting it into a line using wget. One day, I noticed that Termux was on the menu of apps that could be shared to and out of curiosity I passed the URL of a raw file from github to it. A popup came stating that I needed a script with the path ~/bin/termux-url-opener in order to deal with info passed to Termux. Thus began my researching of building shell scripts and dealing with variables passed to the script. My first script is highly personalized to my needs and uses case switching to determine the url being passed to it. Once the url is determined, various means of downloading are implemented. If the url is youtube, youtube-dl is used. If the url is github, wget is used. The script is clunky and very amateur, but it serves its purpose and has lit the fire of “what else can i script” in my brain. I have a list growing of various processes and functions that I would like to automate.

I am becoming more of a Computer Nerd every single day. I like this growth.

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